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ARIRI - Registration Status Counts


This screen provides summary statistics for 11 different enrollment status codes. For the current semester these statistics represent real-time data and provide a snapshot as of the moment the data is requested. The report can be requested at any time during the semester.

Information regarding past semesters is available. The data presented for past semesters represents enrollment conditions as of the last calendar day of the semester requested. However, the data is dynamic and does change as counts are updated due to such actions as retroactive registrations and withdraws.

Enrollment data for future semesters is available as soon as any student record is created for that semester.

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Screen Functions

View Enrollment Data

  1. At CAMPUS, enter the campus location
  2. At SEMESTER, enter the semester you wish to view
  3. At PRNT-ID, enter printer ID, if copy is desired
  4. Press ENTER
  5. Press PF11, to print

Additional Field Level Detail

CAMPUS Campus location (CLOCN or CCRSELOC)
SEMESTER Semester you wish to view (ex: FAXX)
PRNT-ID Printer number (ex: 1234)
EXPECTED TO ENROLL All student's who have a semester record (CASTSSFI)
INCOMPLETE REGISTRATIONS Student's who have registered for courses, but have not paid their tuition (CASTSSFI)
COMPLETE REGISTRATIONS Student's who have registered for courses and have paid their tuition (CASTSSFI)
PAID CANCELS Student's who offered admission paid acceptance fees, and later cancelled their admission (CASTSSFI)
ADMINISTRATIVE CANCELS Student schedules administratively cancelled through registrar office action or through leave of absence (CASTSSFI)
WITHDREW Resident instruction student's who withdrew (CASTSSFI)
DECEASED Student's who have died during the semester (CASTSSFI)
PROGRAM TERMINATED Graduate student's who terminated their own program or were terminated by a department (CASTSSFI)
DISTANCE ED REGISTRATIONS Resident instruction student's enrolled in Distance Education courses (CASTSSFI)
DISTANCE ED CANCELS Resident instructions student's who cancelled their Distance Education enrollment (CASTSSFI)
DISTANCE WITHDREW Resident instruction student's who withdrew from Distance Education courses (CASTSSFI)

Function Keys

ENTER Brings up record
PF11 Prints summary report