Penn State Mark

Registrar ISIS Screens

Screen Screen Title Department in Charge
AFJC Correspondence Student Review Information Technology
AMIC Changed Student Number Inquiry Academic Records
AMME Electronic Mail Accounts Academic Records
AMMG/AMIG Maintain University Credit Limit Enrollment Services
AMMP/AMIP Maintain Scheduling Sequences Enrollment Services
AMMR Registration Priority Enrollment Services
AMMU/AMIX University Calendar Enrollment Services
ARICC On-line Class List Inquiry Enrollment Services
ARICD Online Class List Inquiry (by Phone) Enrollment Services
ARICI Early Progress Report Academic Records
ARICJ Early Progress Report Summary Academic Records
ARICL Replace Grade Reporting Form Academic Records
ARICQ Grading Status Academic Records
ARICR Grade Roster Academic Records
ARICX Cross Listed Courses Enrollment Services
ARIRC Course Registration Counts Enrollment Services
ARIRI Registration Status Counts Enrollment Services
ARIRP Drop/Add Processing Dates Enrollment Services
ARIRS Student Course Status Inquiry Enrollment Services
ARISBD Re-Enrollment Request Enrollment Services
ARISC On-line Grade Report Academic Records
ARISL Hold Request Lookup Academic Records
ARISNE Noncredit Course Enrollment Academic Records
ARISNL Noncredit Transcript Lookup Transcripts and Verifications
ARISNU Advising Noncredit Transcript Transcripts and Verifications
ARISTL Trans/Verif/Student Directory Lookup Transcripts and Verifications
ARISTU Advising Transcript Request Transcripts and Verifications
ARUAC Schedule Course Section Enrollment Services
ARUAE Event-Room Assignment Enrollment Services
ARUAF Final Exam Data Screen Enrollment Services
ARUAG Final Exam Entry - Reggie Screen Enrollment Services
ARUAI Instructor Section Information Enrollment Serv/Budget Office
ARUAP User Profile Screen Enrollment Services
ARUAR Course Room Assignment Enrollment Services
ARUAS GPC Scheduling Priorities Enrollment Services
ARUAW SOC Web Publication Dates Enrollment Services
ARUAZ Course/Room Rollover (BATCH) Enrollment Services
ARUCF Grade Entry Academic Records
ARUCG Apply Grades Academic Records
ARUCNG Non-Credit Grade Entry Academic Records
ARUES/ARIES Student Major Controls Academic Records
ARUGA/ARIGA Approve Student Graduation Majors Academic Records
ARUGB/ARIGB Approve Student Graduation Minors Academic Records
ARUGD/ARIGD Maintain Graduation Distinction Tables Academic Records
ARUGG/ARIGG Graduate Graduation Information Academic Records
ARUGI Graduation Information (Registrar) Academic Records
ARUGU/ARIGU Undergraduate Graduation Information Academic Records
ARUPB/ARIPB Maintain Department Mnemonic Codes Academic Records
ARUPC/ARIPC Maintain College and Department Academic Records
ARUPD/ARIPD Maintain Degrees Academic Records
ARUPG/ARIPG Maintain Graduate Minors Academic Records
ARUPI IAD Instructor Update Enrollment Services
ARUPJ/ARIPJ Maintain Controlled Majors Academic Records
ARUPM/ARIPM Maintain Majors Academic Records
ARUPP Academic Dean Proxy Decision Enrollment Services
ARUPR/ARIPR Maintain Undergraduate Minors Academic Records
ARUPX/ARIPX Maintain Major/Degree/Campus Academic Records
ARUPY/ARIPY Pre-Major Controls Academic Records
ARURD Departmental Drop, Add or Section Change Enrollment Services
ARURG Registrar Drop, Add or Section Change Enrollment Services
ARURR Student Registration Enrollment Services
ARURX/ARIRX Maintain Department Controls Enrollment Services
ARUSAD/ARISAD Update Major Degree Level (Dept Use) Academic Records
ARUSAI Assign Instructor to Student Enrollment Serv/Budget Office
ARUSAM/ARISAM Update Major Degree Level (Registrar Use) Academic Records
ARUSAN/ARISAN Update Minors Academic Records
ARUSAS/ARISAS Academic Summary Display Academic Records
ARUSBA/ARISBA Student Academic Action Academic Records
ARUSBB Update Major Degree Level Academic Records
ARUSBC/ARISBC Change of Assignment Academic Records
ARUSBD Certificate Enrollment Academic Records
ARUSBE Re-enrollment Enrollment Services
ARUSBN Academic Renewal Enrollment Services
ARUSBR/ARISBR Reinstatement Enrollment Services
ARUSEF Final Exam Student Schedule Enrollment Services
ARUSEG Enrollment File Change Enrollment Services
ARUSEI Student Enrollment Inquiry Enrollment Services
ARUSH Student Hold Request Inquiry/Update/Add Academic Records
ARUSNA Non-Credit Transcript File Update Academic Records
ARUSNG Non-Credit Enrollment File Update Academic Records
ARUSNM Non-Credit Transcript Message Academic Records
ARUSNP Create Non-Credit Student Academic Records
ARUSNR Campus Registrar Personal Information Academic Records
ARUSNT Official Non-Credit Transcript Transcripts and Verifications
ARUSNX Change Student ID Academic Records
ARUSPA/ARISPA Maintain Student Addresses Enrollment Services
ARUSPD Personal Directory Information Academic Records
ARUSPG Print Grade Mailer Request Academic Records
ARUSPL Create Law Student Academic Records
ARUSPM/ARISPM Create Medical Record Academic Records
ARUSPN/ARISPN Create Nondegree Student Record Enrollment Services
ARUSPP/ARISPP Personal Information Enrollment Services
ARUSPR/ARISPR Records Personal Information Academic Records
ARUSSG Special Student Populations Information Technology
ARUSSO Set Honors Option Enrollment Services
ARUSSW Undergraduate Scholastic Awards Information Academic Records
ARUSTC Transcript Condition Codes Academic Records
ARUSTE Enrollment Verification Transcripts and Verifications
ARUSTG Transcript File Change Academic Records
ARUSTH Medical Transcript Messages Academic Records
ARUSTI Microfilm Transcript Index Numbers Academic Records
ARUSTM/ARISTM Transcript Message Academic Records
ARUSTP Co-Op Transcript Message Academic Records
ARUSTT Request Official Transcript Transcripts and Verifications
ARUXD Delete Classroom Assignments Enrollment Services
ARUXF Maintain Facilities Data Enrollment Services
ARUXR/ARIXR Room Information Enrollment Services