Degree Audit

The degree audit is an academic advising document that maps a student's degree requirements against their academic transcript. The purpose of the audit is to provide information to assist in academic planning and appropriate course scheduling (policy 32-00).

If a student feels that their audit is not correctly analyzing their program requirements, they should contact their department office or advising center.

Interpreting the Degree Audit

For instructions on how to interpret the degree audit:

Frequently Asked Questions about the Degree Audit

If the student must be excluded from completing Inter-Domain coursework the college/department has two options.

  1. Waive the integrative studies requirement and increase the General Education Exploration area to add those 6 units back into general education.
  2. Direct 6 units of knowledge domain coursework that are not already used in degree requirements into integrative studies.

Yes, although programs have been approved to allow an Inter-Domain double count between any of their knowledge domains and Major requirements, students are still expected to complete 6 units of Inter-Domain coursework as this is built into General Education. The program's pre-existing Inter-Domain double count is listed in place of the GN GA GH GS, along with an additional 3 units of non-Inter-Domain coursework.

No. Per Faculty Senate approved curriculum, majors can allow for 9 units of GN, 6 units of GA GH GS, and 3 units of GHW (9 GWS, 6 GQ). Depending on how many knowledge domain units are permitted to double count per major, this fluctuates the amount of General Education - Exploration that is needed on the Degree Audit (0-6 units of Exploration).

No. However, because an Inter-Domain course carries Inter-Domain, GN/GA (whatever the combination of knowledge domains) our firewall reads all the attributes on the course. It evaluates the GN/GA and excludes it from satisfying Integrative Studies. The degree audit team is working towards correcting this.

Major is only coded with SU2023 General Education requirements. Update Academics will go to Dean's Review (because major was not in effect of the time of student's admission). You will need to review the exceptions that may have been processed on the Degree Audit and remove those exceptions. When change of major is approved, change the Program Requirement term and the Plan Requirement term to the new effective dated term or after.