Grade Forgiveness

Beginning with the summer 2020 semester, Penn State is implementing a new grade forgiveness option for undergraduate students. Under this new policy, if a student earns a D or F grade in a course but then repeats the course and earns a better grade, the original grade can be forgiven. If a grade forgiveness request is approved, the original course still will appear on the student's official transcript, but will not earn credit or count towards the student's term or cumulative GPA.

How to Submit a Grade Forgiveness Request

Before submitting a request for grade forgiveness, please read the H-2 Undergraduate Grade Forgiveness procedure, which includes the complete policy and procedure regarding grade forgiveness, as well as the Grade Forgiveness Request form that students will complete with consultation from their academic adviser. Students should submit the completed form to their academic adviser.

When academic advisers receive a completed Grade Forgiveness Request form, they will submit the form and student information to the designated college representative within the student's college of enrollment. The college representative will confirm if the student request for grade forgiveness meets the eligibility criteria as defined by the H-2 Undergraduate Grade Forgiveness procedure. The list of designated college representatives appear below.

College Representatives for Grade Forgiveness

Abington College

Timothy Smalarz Email:

Agricultural Sciences

Matt Stumpf Email:

Altoona College

Gina Baird Email:

Arts and Architecture

Kyrie Harding Email:

Behrend College

Jane Brady Email:

Berks College

Elyce Kaplan Email:

Capital College

Paula Maynard Email:

Division of Undergraduate Studies

Tammy Bowersox Email:

Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications

Mary E. Sergeant Email:

Earth and Mineral Sciences

Hilleary Himes Email:

Eberly College of Science

Cynthia Meyers Email:


Greg Mason Email:


Karen Marsala Email:

Jessa Leskovansky Email:

Health and Human Development

Rhonda Spychalski Email:

Information Sciences and Technology

Melissa Williams Email:

Liberal Arts

Dave Lingenfelter Email:


Kimberly Hodges Email:

Smeal College of Business

Debbie Lissenden Email:

University College

Shirl Henry Email: