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Final Exam Overload

A final exam overload situation exists if the Registrar's office has scheduled three exams in consecutive periods or within one calendar day (policy 44-25).

  • Students may elect to take their exams as scheduled or may request that a final exam be rescheduled. Requests for rescheduling must be submitted within three weeks of the initial publication of the final exam schedule.
  • To request relief from an overload situation:
    • For students who have a personalized final exam schedule in LionPATH: use the Overload Conflict Exam Request Form. Please note: This form is for use by students attending the following campuses: University Park, Harrisburg, and Behrend. Students attending all other Penn State campuses should contact your campus registrar to request relief from an exam overload conflict.
    • For students who do not have a personalized final exam schedule on LionPATH, contact the campus Registrar's office.
  • The Registrar's office determines which of the three exams will be rescheduled and notifies the student and the instructor by email.