Alternative Grading System

The University Faculty Senate may temporarily enable Senate Policy 49-70: Supplemental Satisfactory Grade/Passing Grade/No Grade Grading System - Baccalaureate and Associate Degree Candidates under a situation of special Senate concern. This policy acts as a supplement to Senate Policy 49-60: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory - Baccalaureate and Associate Degree Candidates when implemented during a semester. When enacted:

  1. there is no limit to the number of courses that may be taken for credit by any baccalaureate or associate degree candidates under the satisfactory grade/passing grade/no grade (SAT/V/Z) optional and temporary grading system, subject to regulations of the college and the limits of the degree program in which the candidate is enrolled;
  2. the SAT/V/Z grading system option also applies to General Education courses;
  3. the SAT/V/Z grading system option is available only for the designated semester to candidates after conventional grades have been submitted by instructors.

The option of alternative grading is only available during the situation of special Senate concern (G-11: Alternative Grading).

Semesters in which Alternative Grading has been Enacted

The University Faculty Senate has enacted the alternative grading system for the semesters listed below. Select a semester link for information specific to each semester, including key dates and deadlines, details about the grade reporting process, and answers to frequently asked questions. Information on each page only pertains to and is/was effective for the listed semester.