Penn State Mark

Diploma Information

Diploma Size

The size of the current diplomas are:

  • Bachelor, Masters, Doctoral - 8 1/2 x 11
  • Medical - 14 x 17
  • Law - 17 x 14

The size of the current Undergraduate Minor certificate is - 8 1/2 x 11

If you believe you need a notarized copy of your diploma, please review the information on the Notary Services wb page and follow the instructions provided there.

Diploma Distribution

  • Doctoral degree students will receive their diplomas while participating in the commencement ceremony. Doctoral diplomas for those students who do not attend the ceremony will be mailed the week following the ceremony to the student's permanent residence or LionPATH diploma mailing address.

  • Diplomas for all other students will be mailed approximately four weeks after the commencement ceremony to their permanent residence or LionPATH diploma mailing address.

Diplomas and minor certificates that could not be distributed at commencement ceremonies or mailed to the student due to incomplete address information or holds are kept at the Registrar's office for five years following the graduation date. After five years the alumnus wanting a diploma must request a reissued diploma.