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Leave of Absence

The purpose of a leave of absence (policy 56-70) is to allow students to interrupt continuous enrollment (usually for not more than one year) without having to apply for re-enrollment and without changing conditions of their academic program.

  • Leave of absence is available to baccalaureate degree, associate degree, and medical degree candidates only.
  • The deadline for filing a Leave of Absence Form is the last working day prior to the first day of classes for the semester the leave will begin.
  • A leave of absence is not required for summer session.
  • You will be expected to return to the University according to the conditions of your approved leave.
  • If you return to school earlier or later than approved, you must make application for re-enrollment.
  • You may not enroll in any Penn State courses.
  • You may enroll in courses offered by another accredited institution.
  • While on a leave, you can request a continuation of your Penn State access account by filling out the Penn State Access Account Extension for Student Leave of Absence Form. There is a fee for this continued service which is explained on the form.


  1. A Leave of Absence Form must be submitted to your college dean, or the director of The Division of Undergraduate Studies if you are enrolled in that division, or the designated campus administrative officer if you are enrolled at a campus college.