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New Features

New Enrollment Process

  • Must consent to do business electronically
  • Must agree to the Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA)
  • Add courses to your online "shopping cart," and click "enroll" when ready

Schedule Builder

  • Select the courses you want to take
  • Option to add scheduled breaks
  • Let the system generate possible schedules
  • View schedule details and choose the ones you like best
  • Send schedules to "shopping cart" to expedite enrollment when it's your turn

Wait list replaces Watch list

The wait list feature in LionPATH will replace the watch list function in eLion. You can choose to enroll in the wait list when a class you want is full. The wait list is like a line. When a seat becomes open, the student at the top of the list is enrolled in the class, and everyone moves up a spot.

Consent to do Business Electronically

An important change that you will notice in LionPATH is that prior to enrolling in classes, you must consent to do University Business Electronically. This agreement allows you to accept your financial aid, enroll for classes, and pay your bill through the new student system. Once you have consented within LionPATH to the terms and conditions set forth in this document and the Financial Responsibility Agreement (see below), you will then be eligible to enroll in classes. Your consent expires annually and will need to be renewed yearly.

Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA)

The second agreement to which you must consent within LionPATH is the Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA). The FRA is a promise to take financial responsibility for payment of your account. Once you have consented within LionPATH to the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement and the Consent to Do Business Electronically document, you will then be eligible to enroll in classes. The FRA is required to be completed every semester.

Financial Aid Actions

The "Student Center" provides a centralized place where you can view your financial aid award, accept/decline the awards, and see the actions you need to complete for financial aid and other Penn State offices.

Mobile App for Android and IOS- available in April 2016

There will be a LionPATH mobile app, where students can:

  • Check your schedule
  • View your classes
  • Search for courses
  • Review your billing status
  • View your grades
  • Check your financial aid
  • See if you have "to do" items
  • Check for holds on your account