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Late Drop Period for Fall 2016 Ends This Week

November 7, 2016 -- The deadline to late drop a fall 2016 full semester course is Friday, November 11, 2016.

Students can submit a Late Drop in the LionPATH Student Center by navigating to the “Drop” subtab within the “Enroll” tab. Students also can request a Late Drop in person by submitting a Registration Drop/Add Form to the department offering the course, the appropriate advising office, or the campus Registrar’s Office.

The late drop period for full semester courses begins the first calendar day after the Course Drop period and ends after the twelfth week of the semester (University Faculty Senate Policy 34-89: Course Drop). If a student drops a course during the late drop period, a symbol of ‘LD’ will be recorded for that course on the student’s academic record (University Faculty Senate Policy 48-20: Failure to Complete a Course) and the student will be charged a $6.00 processing fee.

Beginning fall 2016, there is no longer a late drop credit limit; however, students are limited to a maximum of three attempts at any given course (University Faculty Senate Policy 47-80: Repeating Courses).

Before dropping any course, students should meet with their adviser to discuss potential impacts on expected progress toward graduation. Students also should contact Penn State’s Office of Student Aid to determine if financial aid will be affected.