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Students advised to validate courses in LionPATH shopping cart

March 10, 2016 -- The LionPATH Student Shopping Cart now is available for Fall 2016 course enrollment. The Shopping Cart is where students can create and maintain their class schedules for the upcoming semester. It is used to temporarily save classes until it is time to enroll for the semester. (Note: Placing a class in the shopping cart does not mean the student is enrolled in the course or that a space will be held for a student in the class.)

Students are advised to "validate" the courses they have placed in their shopping cart before their "First Day to Register" date. Validating checks if a student can enroll in the selected courses or if there is a potential problem such as a time conflict, prerequisite requirement, course control, etc. Validating their shopping cart now will give students the opportunity to correct any course selection errors before they are eligible to enroll in Fall 2016 courses.

To validate courses in the shopping cart, place a checkmark in the checkbox to the left of all classes and then click the "validate" button.

LionPATH Shopping Cart screenshot

Courses can be added to the shopping cart via the "Add to Cart" feature, the LionPATH Planner, or Schedule Builder.

To learn more about how to use the LionPATH Shopping Cart please view the LionPATH Shopping Cart tutorial (Accessible Version).

To learn more about how to use the LionPATH Planner, please view the LionPATH Planner tutorial (Accessible Version).

To learn more about how to use Schedule Builder, please view the Schedule Builder tutorial. (Accessible Version)