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Links to textbook information now available in LionPATH Student Center

July 5, 2016 -- Students can now view and purchase their fall 2016 textbooks from the LionPATH Student Center. A link to available textbook information for a course is located at the bottom of the Class Details page, which can be found by clicking on the course's Section link on the My Class Schedule page.

Click the course's Section link to bring up Class Details

Screenshot of Sections link on LionPATH Class Schedule page


The View Books link is located at the bottom of the Class Details page

Clicking the View Books link will open the Barnes & Noble website in a new tab and display the textbooks for this class. From there, you can see details about the books and place your order. A new tab will open for each class, but the books will be in one shopping cart.

Screenshot of View Books link on LionPATH Class Details page


To learn more about viewing your Class Schedule or finding textbook information in LionPATH, please view the full Viewing Your Class Schedule and Textbooks tutorial. (Accessible Version)