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Major, Minor, and Certificate Program Codes allow you to view a list of codes used in LionPATH to identify majors, minors, and undergraduate certificates offered at the University. Majors with Options can be viewed by code, by college and/or by degree level. Undergraduate and Graduate Minors as well as Undergraduate Certificates can be viewed by code or by college.

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Last update:  December 02‚ 2019

Certificate Code Certificate Name Phased Out / Enroll Hold College Code Department Code
A Top
ABMED_UCT Pre-Medical/Healthcare Certificate (UCT) AB ABAB
ACSCBC_UCT Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics (UCT) BC ERBC
ADAS_UCT Program in Adult Development and Aging Services (UCT) HH UPHH_HDFS
ADFNBU_UCT Advanced Foundations in Business (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
AFRCST_UCT Africana Studies (UCT) 08/13/2018 UC UC
AGCNS_UCT Agricultural Stewardship and Conservation (UCT) AG UPAG_ERM
AIDFP_UCT Advanced Instructor Development for Professionals (UCT) ED UPED_LPS
ALAACT_UCT Advanced Accounting (UCT) AL ALAL_ALBE
ALACCT_UCT Basic Accounting Certificate (UCT) AL ALAL_ALBE
ALCDPC_UCT Chemical Dependency Prevention and Counseling (UCT) UC UC
ALHSCC_UCT Health Sciences Certificate (UCT) AL ALAL_ALMNS
ALISSA_UCT Information Systems Security (UCT) AL ALAL_ALBE
ALISTA_UCT Information Systems Auditing Certificate (UCT) AL ALAL_ALBE
ARTLDR_UCT Visual and Performing Arts Leadership (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC
ASIAST_UCT Asian Studies (UCT) 08/14/2017 BC ERBC_HSS
B Top
B_LOG_UCT Business Logistics Program for Kraft (UCT) 05/07/2018 UC UC
BABCSK_UCT Accounting, Business, and Computer Skills for Professionals Certificate (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
BADMIN_UCT Business Administration (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
BAPRO_UCT Business Administration for Professionals (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
BCOMM_UCT Communication Skills for Business Professionals (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
BHPSY_UCT Behavioral Health and Counseling Psychology (UCT) BC ERBC
BHSC_UCT Behavioral Health Service Coordination (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCSSE
BLOG_UCT Business Logistics (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC
BMGMT_UCT Business Management (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC
BPWC_UCT Business and Professional Writing (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
BUS_UCT Foundations of Employment Relations and Leadership (UCT) BK BKBK
BUS4PR_UCT Business Essentials for Professionals (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC
BUSABC_UCT Advanced General Business (UCT) 05/08/2017 BC ERBC_BSCH
BUSADM_UCT Business Administration (UCT) 05/07/2018 UC UC_UCBEC
BUSCON_UCT Business Concepts Certificate (UCT) 05/07/2018 UC UC
BUSGBC_UCT General Business (UCT) 05/08/2017 BC ERBC_BSCH
BUSLD_UCT Business Leadership Development (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
BUSMGT_UCT Business Management (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
C Top
CASPSY_UCT Communication and Leadership Certificate Program (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC
CCA_UCT Corporate Control and Analysis (UCT) BA UPBA
CHDDV_UCT Child Development (UCT) BC ERBC_HSS
CHILD_UCT Early Childhood and Youth Studies (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
CHSTEM_UCT Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
CIRCTS_UCT Circuits Basics (UCT) 05/08/2017 BC ERBC
CLAFBA_UCT Advanced Foundation in Business Administration (UCT) CA HBCA
CLDIV_UCT Diversity in Community (UCT) CA HBCA_BSCED
CLENVC_UCT Climate and Environmental Change (UCT) EM UPEM_GEOG
CLFBA1_UCT Foundation in Business Administration I (UCT) CA HBCA
CLFBA2_UCT Foundation in Business Administration Ii (UCT) CA HBCA
CLGBST_UCT Undergraduate Certificate in Global Studies (UCT) 05/08/2017 CA HBCA
CLIST_UCT Fundamentals of Ist (UCT) CA HBCA
CLJ_UCT Crime, Law and Justice (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
CORPC_UCT Corporate Communication (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
CRIMSC_UCT Criminal Justice (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
CRMPPP_UCT Crime, Psychology, and Public Policy (UCT) BC ERBC_HSS
CRWRIT_UCT Creative Writing (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCAH
CSMPSY_UCT Consumer Psychology (UCT) 05/08/2017 BC ERBC_BCCOM
CYF_UCT Children, Youth and Family Services (UCT) HH UPHH_HDFS
CYFSC_UCT Children, Youth and Family Services Certificate (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
D Top
DIV_UCT Diversity Studies (UCT) UC UC
E Top
ECCEC_UCT Early Childhood Care and Education (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
ECCEC2_UCT Early Childhood Care and Education (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
ECCED_UCT Early Childhood Care and Education (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
EETC_UCT Electrical Engineering Technogolgy Certificae I (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
ELCTNC_UCT Analog and Digital Electronics (UCT) 05/08/2017 BC ERBC
ENARCH_UCT Enterprise Architecture (UCT) IS UPIS
ENDSN_UCT Engineering Design (UCT) EN UPEN_SETCE
ENGCO_UCT Engineering and Community Engagement (UCT) EN UPEN_SEDTP
ENGRLD_UCT Engineering Leadership (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
ENSGEO_UCT Environment and Society Geography (UCT) EM UPEM_GEOG
ENTRBC_UCT Entrepeneurship (UCT) 05/07/2018 BC ERBC_BSCH
ENTREP_UCT Entrepreneur Certificate (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC
ERLYCH_UCT Early Childhood Care and Education (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
ERPORC_UCT Enterprise Resource Planning with Oracle (UCT) BC ERBC_BSCH
ERTHPR_UCT Understanding the Earth's Processes Certificate (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
ERTHSB_UCT Exploration of the Earth's Sub-Surface Certificate (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
ETHSUS_UCT Undergraduate Certificate in Earth Sustainability (UCT) EM UPEM
F Top
FDOBUS_UCT Foundations of Business (UCT) UC UC_UCBEC
FINACC_UCT Financial Accounting Certificate (UCT) UC UC_UCBEC
FINCTL_UCT Financial Controllership (UCT) BC ERBC_BSCH
FINPLN_UCT Financial Planning (UCT) BC ERBC_BSCH
FINRSK_UCT Financial Risk Management (UCT) BC ERBC_BSCH
FNDADV_UCT Certificate Program in Fundraising & Advancement (UCT) LA UPLA_LAUGS
FNDBUS_UCT Foundations in Business (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
FNPLAN_UCT Financial Planning (UCT) BC ERBC_BSCH
FNSRSL_UCT Financial Services Sales (UCT) BC ERBC_BSCH
FONBUS_UCT Foundations of Business (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
FSCERP_UCT Foundations of Supply Chain Erp Systems Certificate (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC
FUNDEI_UCT Fundamentals of Enterprise Integration (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCIST
G Top
GBLIND_UCT Honors Globalization: India (UCT) 08/13/2018 IC IC
GIS_UCT Geographic Information Science (UCT) EM UPEM_GEOG
GMDEVD_UCT Game Development: Digital Arts and Design (UCT) 05/08/2017 BC ERBC_SEET
GMDEVP_UCT Game Development: Technical Programming (UCT) 05/08/2017 BC ERBC_SEET
GSPBDA_UCT Geospatial Big Data Analytics (UCT) EM UPEM_GEOG
H Top
HCLDR_UCT Health Care Leadership (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
HCMGM_UCT Health Care Management (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
HLCST_UCT Holocaust and Genocide Studies Certificate (UCT) LA UPLA
HLTHIF_UCT Healthcare Informatics Certificate (UCT) UC UC
HMNGEO_UCT Landscapes: Societies, Cultures, and Political Economies (UCT) EM UPEM_GEOG
HR_UCT Human Resources Management (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC
HRMGMT_UCT Human Resources Management (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
HRMGT_UCT Human Resource Management (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
HTHSC1_UCT Health Science Professions I (UCT) AB ABAB
I Top
IBMGT_UCT Introduction To Business Management (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
IBMGT2_UCT Introduction To Business Management (UCT) UC UC_UCBEC
IDFP_UCT Instructor Development for Professionals (UCT) ED UPED_LPS
INTAOJ_UCT Introduction To Administration of Justice (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
INTBUS_UCT Intermediate Business (UCT) UC UC_UCBEC
INTCOM_UCT Introduction To Corporate Communications (UCT) UC UC
INTEN_UCT International Engineering (UCT) EN UPEN_ENADM
INTRHS_UCT Introduction To Rehabilitation and Human Services (UCT) UC UC
INTSCI_UCT International Science (UCT) SC UPSC
INTST_UCT International Studies (UCT) UC UC_UCBEC
IST_UCT Information Sciences and Technology (UCT) IS UPIS
ISTBI_UCT Information Sciences & Technology Business Integration Certificate (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
ISTBUS_UCT Ist Certificate for Business (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCIST
ISTCOM_UCT Ist Certificate for Communications (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCIST
ISTSD_UCT Software Development (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC
ISTSYS_UCT Ist Systems Integration (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCIST
ISTUC_UCT Information Sciences & Technology -University College (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCIST
J Top
JCCSJ_UCT Sports Journalism, John Curley Center, College of Communications (UCT) CM UPCM
JEDIS_UCT Justice, Ethics, Diversity in Space (UCT) EM UPEM_GEOG
K Top
KINNUT_UCT Wellness Leadership Certificate Program (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC
L Top
LDENGR_UCT Leadership for Engineers (UCT) 05/07/2018 UC UC
LEAD_UCT Learn and Advance Certificate (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
LSER_UCT Labor and Human Resources (UCT) LA UPLA_LER
M Top
MACTRL_UCT Electric Machines and Control (UCT) 05/08/2017 BC ERBC
MDEAST_UCT Middle Eastern Studies (UCT) 08/14/2017 BC ERBC_HSS
MEDSCI_UCT Medical Sciences (UCT) 05/06/2019 UC UC
MEMC_UCT Meeting and Event Management HH UPHH_RPTM
METBBC_UCT Mechanical Engineering Technology Basic (UCT) 05/08/2017 BC ERBC_SEET
METCI_UCT Manufacturing Engineering Technology I (UCT) UC UC_UCSSE
METFBC_UCT Mechanical Engineering Technology Fundamental (UCT) 05/08/2017 BC ERBC_SEET
METMBC_UCT Mechanical Engineering Technology Mechanical Design (UCT) 05/08/2017 UC UC
MGMT_UCT Supervisory Management (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
MKGMG_UCT Marketing Management (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC
MKMGT_UCT Marketing Management (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
MNGT_UCT Mining Technology Certificate (UCT) 05/06/2019 UC UC_UCADM
N Top
NANO_UCT Nanotechnology (UCT) EN UPEN_ESCM
NET_UCT .Net Programming (UCT) AB ABAB_ABADM
NETWK_UCT Network Technologies (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC
NSA_UCT National Security Agency - IST (UCT) IS UPIS
NUMGT_UCT Nursing Management Program (UCT) 05/07/2018 NR UPNR
NURFRC_UCT Nursing Forensics Certificate (UCT) NR UPNR
NURINF_UCT Nursing Informatics (UCT) NR UPNR
NURMGT_UCT Nursing Management (UCT) NR UPNR
O Top
OEFP_UCT Operational Excellence for Professionals (UCT) ED UPED_LPS
ORGCOM_UCT Organizational Communication (UCT) LA UPLA
P Top
PHYGEO_UCT Global Environmental Systems (UCT) EM UPEM_GEOG
PJMGT_UCT Project Management Certificate (UCT) AB ABAB_ABADM
PLA_UCT Presidential Leadership Academy (UCT) IC IC
PLSPRO_UCT Plastics Processing (UCT) BC ERBC_SEET
PMCOM_UCT Project Management Communication (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC
PMEDBC_UCT Premedical Sciences (UCT) BC ERBC
PRBC_UCT Public Relations (UCT) BC ERBC_HSS
PROSAL_UCT Professional Sales Certificate (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
PSYCH_UCT Introduction To Psychology (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC
R Top
RLESAD_UCT Real Estate Analysis and Development (UCT) BA UPBA_RM
S Top
SAEDSG_UCT Spatial Analysis and Engineering Design Principles (UCT) UC UC_UCBEC
SAP_UCT Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing (UCT) 12/17/2018 BC ERBC_BCCOM
SAPBC_UCT Enterprise Resource Planning Certificate With SAP (UCT) BC ERBC_BSCH
SCBC_UCT Smeal College Business Certificate (UCT) BA UPBA_BAADM
SCIRES_UCT Science Research Distinction (UCT) SC UPSC
SCM_UCT Supply Chain Management (UCT) UC UC
SCMWS_UCT Logistics and Supply Chain Mgmt-Sanofi Pasteur (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC
SCOPS_UCT Supply Chain and Operations Certificate (UCT) 05/07/2018 UC UC
SLFP_UCT Supervisory Leadership for Professionals (UCT) ED UPED_LPS
SMBUS_UCT Small Business Managers (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC_UCBEC
SOCMED_UCT Social Media (UCT) 05/08/2017 BC ERBC
SPSYS_UCT Space Systems Engineering (UCT) EN UPEN_AERSP
SPTADM_UCT Sports Administration (UCT) UC UC
SRA_UCT Security and Risk Analysis (UCT) IS UPIS
SUMGT_UCT Supervisory Management (UCT) 05/07/2018 UC UC_UCBEC
SUPMGT_UCT Supervisory Management (UCT) 12/19/2016 UC UC
T Top
TECHWR_UCT Technical and Business Writing (UCT) AB ABAB
TURF2_UCT Turfgrass Management, Advanced (UCT) AG UPAG_PLTSC
TURFB_UCT Turfgrass Management, Basic (UCT) AG UPAG_PLTSC
W Top
WFC_UCT Weather Forecasting (UCT) EM UPEM_METEO
Y Top
YDSJ_UCT Youth Development and Social Justice (UCT) UC UC