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Administrative Enrollment Controls

The University's goal is to adjust to shifting student interests and to accommodate all qualified students in the undergraduate majors of their choice. When limitations of space, faculty, or other resources make this goal unattainable, the college dean responsible for the major may request administrative enrollment controls.

Students who want to be considered for a major with administrative enrollment controls (policy 37-30) must apply through the LionPATH "Update Academics" function. A list of the programs approved for administrative enrollment controls are available. Advisers and students should contact the appropriate college, academic advising centers at University Park or academic advising and information centers at locations other than University Park for information.

Entrance to Majors with Administrative Controls

Course Work - Certain courses may be required for entry to a major with administrative controls. A specific grade-point average may be required in some or all of these courses. Generally, students must complete specified courses by the end of their fourth semester of enrollment.
Performance - Applicants are considered for entrance to a controlled major on the basis of their cumulative Penn State grade-point average (GPA) and being within the established credit window..

College of Enrollment - Students who apply for entrance to a controlled major must be enrolled in the college offering that major or in the Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS). Students who want to be considered for controlled majors in more than one college should enroll in DUS to be eligible for consideration.

Exceptions - Exceptions may be considered based on the individual student's situation. Students who have concerns about entry to a major should speak to an adviser in the appropriate college or campus academic advising and information center.

Enrollment Process - If accepted for a major, the student is enrolled in that major; no additional processing is required. If denied in Update Academics, the student must explore other alternatives. For assistance in this process, the student may confer with advisers in appropriate academic advising centers or the Division of Undergraduate Studies.