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Entrance to Major

Most first-semester baccalaureate degree students are admitted to the University and to a specific college or to the Division of Undergraduate Studies, not to a specific major within the college. It is very important for academic advising and planning purposes for these students to identify and record on eLion their intended majors or major preferences.

Major Preferences

You are encouraged to explore majors of interest to you by discussing alternative majors with your academic adviser and by accessing the "Exploring Majors" application on eLion. Use the "Major Preferences" application on eLion to modify your major preferences in priority order.

Entrance to Major

Students not yet assigned to majors will be included in the entrance to major process during the spring of their sophomore year. If you are included in this student pool you will be notified by email and also informed as you log on to eLion. It is important that you "confirm" your major preferences using the eLion "Entrance to Major" application within the time period provided in your email message.

College Decision

Once the confirmation time period has expired in early spring, the college administrators begin the entrance to major decision process. Only students in the current spring student pool who have confirmed their major preferences are included in this decision process.

You will receive email notifying you of the college entrance to major and campus decision by mid-March. Assignment to a major is effective for the next semester of enrollment and is contingent on the successful completion of the entrance to major criteria by the end of the current semester of enrollment.