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Entrance to Major

When first-semester baccalaureate degree students are admitted to the University, most are enrolled in either a specific college or in the Division of Undergraduate Studies. Typically, students do not enter a specific major within the college until sometime between their third and fifth semesters.

Major Preferences

You are encouraged to explore majors of interest to you by discussing alternative majors with your academic adviser and by accessing MajorQuest on the Division of Undergraduate Studies website.

Entrance to Major

Upon entrance to the University, students are assigned a selection pool semester, which typically is the spring of their sophomore year.Students are eligible to enter a major once they have gained third semester standing, have a 2.0 or higher cumulative grade point average, and met all other entrance requirements. Please note, some majors may have more restrictive academic requirements or administrative enrollment controls. The criteria students must meet for entry to all majors are available on the Entrance to Major Requirements listing on the Academic Advising Portal.

The Office of the University Registrar will notify students when they have gained third semester classification. This notification will include confirmation that the student has achieved the minimum eligibility requirements for some majors, as well as links to the full list of entrance requirements for all majors and a link to LionPATH “Update Academics,” where students can submit their request to enter a major.

Students who meet the entry-to-major criteria for their choice of major can apply for entrance to that major by using LionPATH “Update Academics.”

College Decision

The request for major entrance will be granted if a student meets all the entrance requirements for the college and major. You will receive email notifying you of the college entrance to major and campus decision by mid-March. Assignment to a major is effective for the next semester of enrollment and is contingent on the successful completion of the entrance to major criteria by the end of the current semester of enrollment.

Students who are denied entrance to their choice of major will receive and explanation describing why their request was denied.