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Entrance to Major

When first-semester baccalaureate degree students are admitted to the University, most are enrolled in either a specific college or in the Division of Undergraduate Studies. Typically, students do not enter a specific major within the college until sometime between their third and fifth semesters.

Major Preferences

You are encouraged to explore majors of interest to you by discussing alternative majors with your academic adviser and by accessing the Undergraduate Bulletin.


Students are eligible to enter a major once they have satisfied the following minimum academic requirements:

  1. Meet the admissions entrance requirements of the college the student wishes to enter.
  2. Demonstrate at least a C (2.00) cumulative average for all courses taken at the University subject to the conditions of Senate Policy 51-50.
  3. Satisfy any additional academic requirements that have been proposed by the college or the major and approved by the dean of the college and the University Faculty Senate Committee on Undergraduate Education and/or the Central Enrollment Management Group.
  4. Apply no more than 91 credits of previous work toward a degree in the new college.

Please note, some majors have more restrictive academic requirements and/or administrative enrollment controls. The criteria students must meet for entry to all majors are available on the “How to Get In” tab of each program page in the Undergraduate Bulletin.


Students who meet the entry-to-major criteria for their choice of major can apply for entrance to that major by using LionPATH “Update Academics.”

Students who have successfully completed all requirements for the requested major will be informed through student self-service when they have been granted entrance to that major. Students currently enrolled in entrance-to-major courses will be informed that they will be granted conditional entrance to the major for the upcoming semester. Students must successfully complete the entrance requirements and maintain GPA requirements in order to be granted entrance to the major. Students who do not successfully complete entrance requirements or maintain GPA requirements will not be granted entrance to the major.

Students who are declared ineligible for their requested majors will be informed as to why they were denied entrance.

Entrance to Controlled Majors

Entrance to controlled majors is determined according to the policy on Administrative Enrollment Controls for Undergraduate Majors (policy P-5). In accordance with the policy, eligible students with the approved grade-point average and other entrance-to-major requirements are guaranteed entrance to controlled majors.

Student who wish to enter a major with Administrative Enrollment Controls should use LionPATH’s "Update Academics" to request entrance to the major. To participate in this process, students will actively request entrance to administratively controlled majors when they are within an established credit window, have completed specified courses, and have earned the stated grade-point average.

Students with questions about entering a major should contact the appropriate advising center.