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AMIC - Changed Student Number Inquiry


This screen is used to cross-reference a current student ID number to a previous number or a previous number to a current number. If more than one student has the same ID number, the records for all students with that number will be displayed.

Related Screens

  • Impacts all ISIS screens.

Screen Functions

View a student's identification number, current or previous

  1. At ACTN, enter S
  2. At NUMBER TO BE SCANNED, enter current student's Social Security number or a previous number
    (All student ID numbers will appear for this student.)
  3. Press ENTER

Additional Field Level Detail

Identifies the function to be performed:
S - Search for student entered
NUMBER TO BE SCANNED Student's identification number
CURRENT NAME Student's name
CURRENT NUMBER Student's current identification number
PREVIOUS NUMBER All previous numbers
NAME Student name (associated with that identification number)
EFFECTIVE DATE Identifies the date the displayed number was changed
The ID of the person who made the change

Function Keys

ENTER Brings up record