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ARICD - Online Class List Inquiry


This screen is used to display a list of students that are in registered in a course along with student's phone numbers.

Related Screens

  • ARICC - Online Class List Inquiry

Screen Functions

View a class list

  1. At SEM, enter the semester you wish to view
  2. At COURSE, enter the course abbreviation and course number
  3. At SECT, enter the section number
  4. At LOC, enter the campus location
  5. At DEL, enter the delivery code
  6. Press ENTER
    • If a class list is more than one page long, press ENTER to view additional pages or enter the name of a particular student you wish to view at the NEXT STUDENT field and press ENTER.
    • If you wish to print the list, it must be done page by page.

Additional Field Level Detail

SEM Semester you wish to view (ex: FAXX)

Course abbreviation and number (ex: MATH ...101) (CCRSEABB)

SECT Course section (ex: 001)
LOC Campus location (CLOCN or CCRSELOC)
Delivery code: (CMETHDEL)
R - Resident education
C - Continuing education
TITLE Short title of course as it appears on Term Course Master screen
INSTRUCTOR Instructor's name
NAME Student's name
STUDENT ID Student's identification number
PHONE (*=PERM) Permanent residence phone number
SEX Gender
MAJOR Student's major (CDEPT)
CLS Semester classification (CCLASYTM)
AUD Course for audit
MESSAGE Complete or incomplete registration
NEXT STUDENT Enter a specific student identification number you wish to view
HC Hard copy to print (Y- print)
DEST Printer number were class list will be printed (ex: 1234)

Function Keys

ENTER Brings up record, invokes changes and updates