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ARICJ - Early Progress Report Summary


This screen provides a summary of the early progress reporting for a given course. Only those sections that need to be evaluated are displayed. ISIS procedure SRRP366 captures the population of students and courses to be reported.

Related Screens

  • ARICI - Early Progress Report

Screen Functions

Display early progress report for a given course

  1. At SEM, enter semester
  2. At COURSE, enter course abbreviation and number
  3. At LOC, enter campus location
  4. At DEL, enter delivery type
  5. Press ENTER

Additional Field Level Detail

SEM Semester (ex: FAXXXX)
COURSE Course abbreviation and number (CCRSEABB)
LOC Campus location (CLOCN or CCRSELOC)
Identifies the delivery code (CMETHDEL):
R - Resident Instruction
C - Continuing Education
TITLE Title of the course/section
SECTION Specific section numbers (ex: 001)
EVAL EXPECTED Number of student early progress reporting evaluations expected for the course/section.
Number of student early progress reporting evaluations recorded for the course/section. (Note: This count may not match the Eval Expected if a student cancels, drops or withdraws from the course before the evaluation occurs.)
Status of the early progress reporting:
Blank - No Activity
IP - In Progress
C - Completed

Function Keys

ENTER Bring up record, invokes all edits
PF1 Help
PF2 Exit to main menu
PF3 Exit to ISIS main menu
PF4 Exit to AIS main menu