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ARICX - Cross Listed Courses


This screen is an inquiry only screen used to view all cross listed courses.

Related Screens

  • ARUAC - Schedule Course Section
  • ARUAR - Course Room Assignment
  • ARIRC - Course Registration Counts

Screen Functions

View all approved cross listed courses

  1. At SEM, enter semester
  2. Press ENTER

View specific approved cross listed courses

  1. At SEM, enter semester
  2. At START AT COURSE NAME, enter a specific course department
  3. At NUMBER, user may enter a specific course number
  4. Press ENTER

Additional Field Level Detail

SELECT No entry required
SEM Identifies a specific semester (ex: SPXX, S1XX)
START AT COURSE NAME/NUMBER Enter course abbreviation and number (CCRSEABB) (Optional Field)
COURSE NAME/NUMBER Courses listed in alphabetical order
CROSS LISTED WITH COURSE(S) NAME/NUMBER Courses cross listed on the University Course Master (UCM)
COURSE SEM EFF Indicates the first semester the cross listing is effective
Identifies the last semester the cross listing was in effect:
Blank - Cross listing is in effect
SPXXXX - Indicates last semester cross listing was in effect
MORE Indicates the list continues

Function Keys

ENTER Brings up record