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ARIRC - Course Registration Counts


This screen provides enrollment information on a specific course and all of its sections.

Related Screens

  • ARUAC- Schedule Course Section

Screen Functions

View a specific course and its sections

  1. At SEM, enter semester that you would like to view
  2. At COURSE, enter the course abbreviation
  3. At LOC, enter the campus location
  4. At DEL, enter the delivery type
  5. Press ENTER

Additional Field Level Detail

SEM Semester (ex: FAXX)
COURSE Course abbreviation and number (CCRSEABB)
LOC Campus location (CLOCN or CCRSELOC)
Identifies the Delivery code (CMETHDEL)
R - Resident instruction
C - Continuing education
TITLE Course title
A number derived by subtracting the number enrolled from the number of requests. Includes students:
- who were unsuccessful in registering for the course
- who enrolled in the course and then dropped it
LIMIT Total enrollment limit for course, and enrollment limit for each section
RQST How many students requested enrollment in the course
ENROL Total enrollment and enrollment for each section
AVAIL Total available spaces and the total available for each section
WTCH Displays the number of students who are watching a section as well as the total number of students watching a course (Note: Please use this information with caution. It is not recommended that you use the watch list numbers to attempt to assess course demand.)
SECT Specific section numbers (ex: 001)
CRS Credits registered
DAYS Days of the week (ex: MTWRFSY, Web, eWeb)
BEG Begin time
END End time
ROOM Room number course is being held (ex: 101)
BLDG Building course is being held (ex: Willard)
RM CAP How many seats this specific room holds

Function Keys

ENTER Brings up first screen and rolls to next screen, every time it is hit