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ARIRS - Student Course Status Inquiry


This screen is an inquiry only screen. It displays up to three activity occurrences per course. Information is presented regarding the current status of the student's courses and the date the status was effective. If there was previous activity regarding a course, the type of activity and the date of the activity are presented

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Screen Functions

View student course status

  1. At ID, enter student identification number
  2. Press ENTER
The SEM will automatically default to the current semester. You will be able to view course status information for one previous semester and one future semester by entering the appropriate SEM value.

Additional Field Level Detail

ID Student's identification number
SEM Semester (ex: FAXX)
NAME Student's name
CO College in which the major is housed (CCOLL)
CLS Student's semester classification (CCLASYTM)
LOC Student's campus location (CLOCN or CCRSELOC)
STAT A code showing a student's registration status (CASTSSFI)
Semester bill payment indicator
Blank - Bill has not been sent
N - Bill was sent, and has not been paid
Y - Bill is paid
Hold indicator
Blank - No hold
Y - Student has one or more holds
ENRL CRDT Enrolled credits
AID CRDT Credit for student aid purposes
SCHED The six-digit schedule code number for a particular course
COURSE Course abbreviation and number (CCRSEABB)
SECT Course section number
LOC Campus location of course (CLOCN or CCRSELOC)
Indicates if a course is:
TC - Web based
CC - Independent Learning
A - Audit
CR Course credit value
CURRENT A code indicating for a specific course the most recent activity which has updated the student's schedule, with the date on which the update occurred (CENROACT)
PREVIOUS 1 A code indicating course update activity and date immediately prior to the current status (CENROACT)
PREVIOUS 2 A code indicating course update activity and date immediately prior to the 'previous 1' activity (CENROACT)
MORE Indicates if more course data is available (Y) or if all course data has been displayed (N)

Function Keys

ENTER Brings up record
PF8 Page forward
PF7 Page backward