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ARISBD - Re-enrollment Inquiry Screen


This screen is used to provide information for a student who is inquiring about re-enrollment. It provides preliminary review information that can be shared with a student.

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Screen Functions

Enter an inquiry request for re-enrollment

  1. At ID, enter student's identification number
  2. Press ENTER
  3. At SEMESTER, enter semester student wishes to return
  4. At CAMPUS, enter the desired campus location
  5. At MAJOR, enter the desired major
  6. At OPTION, enter option (this field is not always required)
  7. Press ENTER


  • Messages will appear based on the re-enrollment criteria in University Policies indicating a student's eligibility for re-enrollment, reinstatement or academic renewal.
  • If there are no circumstances that would prevent re-enrollment and the student wants to proceed, press PF6 and the system will proceed to ARUSBE for appropriate action.

Additional Field Level Detail

ID Student's identification number
NAME Student's name
ADULT Student meets adult requirements and an indicator has been activated
SEMESTER Semester the student would like to return (ex. FAxx)
CAMPUS Campus location requested (CLOCN)
COLLEGE Academic college (CCOLL)
MAJOR Major requested (CDEPT)
OPTION Option requested (If required) (CMAJROPT)
LAST ENROLLMENT Semester, campus, college, major and option of last enrollment
PRT ID Printer identification

Function Keys

ENTER Brings up record
PF6 Takes you to screen ARUSBE
PF7 Top of page
PF8 Next page