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ARISNE - Non-Credit Course Enrollment


This screen is used to display all non-credit course work completed by a student.

Related Screens

  • ARUSNA - Non-Credit Transcript File Update
  • ARUSNG -Non-Credit Enrollment File Update

Screen Functions

View all non-credit coursework completed

  1. At STUDENT ID, enter student's identification number
  2. Press ENTER

Additional Field Level Detail

STUDENT ID Student's identification number
NAME Student's name
BIRTH DATE Birth date
SEM Semester (ex: FAXX)
COURSE Course abbreviation and number (CCRSEABB)
SECT Section number of course
Represents the administrative unit of the course offering (CMETHDEL)
Delivery S - Codeset CLOCCWC
Delivery H - Codeset CLOCHRSH
Delivery A - Codeset CLOCCOLL
Delivery X - Codeset CLOCCFCT
Delivery E - Codeset CLOCCED
Delivery D - Codeset CLOCILRN
PROV/LOC Provider or unit offering the course and the specific location
UNITS For those courses that carry educational value measure (EVM) units, number of EVM's and EVM type
DEPT Department controlling the course (CDEPT)
COLL College controlling the course (CCOLL)
START DATE Date course begins
END DATE Date course ends
GRADE FRMR Grade student earned (first line)
Former grade, if grade was changed (second line)
DATE Date course was graded or date grade was changed
Identifies if there is more work to be displayed
Y - More work
Blank - All work has been seen

Function Keys

ENTER Brings up record, invokes all edits and updates