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ARISNL - Non-Credit Transcript Lookup


This screen is used to provide a summary of all requests for official non-credit transcripts for a student. The screen provides the dates when requests were received and processed, recipient's name and the tracking ID. This screen also provides the ability to view details of previously processed requests by skipping to screen ARUSNT for a selected request.

Related Screens

  • ARISTL - Transcript/Verification Request Look-up
  • ARUSNT - Official Non-Credit Transcripts

Screen Functions

View students summary of all official non-credit transcript requests

  1. At SSN or PSU ID, enter student's identification number
  2. Press ENTER

View summary of official non-credit transcript requests by document number

  1. At DOC#, enter the Parchment document number starting with WEBnnnn
  2. Press ENTER

Select a specific request to view in detail

  1. At SEL, mark the specific request you wish to view in detail
  2. Press ENTER
  3. Screen ARUSNT, will appear for the detailed information

Update or make corrections to a specific request

  1. After the request has been selected at ACTN, enter C
  2. Make necessary changes to the request
  3. Press ENTER, reprint of the transcript or a PDF of the transcript will be produced depending on the DELIVERY METHOD

Additional Field Level Detail

SSN Student's identification number
PSU ID Penn State identification number
DATE RECEIVED Allows you to enter a specific date of a request received, or you may leave it blank, and all requests will be listed
MORE Indicates more than one screen
NAME Student's name
SEL Select a specific request to view in detail
DATE RECEIVED Date the request was entered on ISIS
RECIP NAME Name of person/party receiving the transcript
TRK ID The Parchment document# starting with WEBnnnn
DATE PRODUCED Date the transcript was peoduced on ISIS

Function Keys

ENTER Brings up record, and print transcript