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ARISTL - Transcript/Verification Request Lookup


This screen is used to provide a summary of all requests for official transcripts and enrollment verification lookups for a selected student. The screen provides general or detailed information about all requests received, requestor's name, state, type of request, and level of the transcript requested.

Related Screens

  • ARISNL - Non-Credit Transcript Lookup
  • ARUSTE - Enrollment Verification
  • ARUSTT - Request Official Transcript

Screen Functions

View all transcript and verification requests made for a student

  1. At SSN or PSU ID, enter student's identification number
  2. Press ENTER

View detailed information concerning a specific transcript request

  1. At SEL, mark the specific request you wish to view in detail
  2. Press ENTER
  3. Screen ARUSTT will appear for the detailed information

Update or make corrections to a specific request

  1. After the request has been selected at ACTN, enter C
  2. Make necessary changes to the request
  3. Press ENTER, print of the transcript will be produced with the recent change(s)
ARUSTT screen will appear if the request is for a transcript.
ARUSTE screen will appear if the request is for an enrollment verification.

Additional Field Level Detail

SSN Student's identification number
PSU ID PSU identification number
DOC # Date and UserID of person entering the request
Indicates the document type
T - Transcript
C - Enrollment Verification
MORE Indicates more than one screen
STUDENT NAME Student's name
DATE RECEIVED Allows you to enter a specific date of a request received, or leave it blank, and all requests will be listed.
Allows you to select and view a specific type of request
T - Transcript
C - Enrollment Verification
SEL Selects a specific request to view in detail
DATE RECEIVED Date the request was entered on ISIS
Identifies the type of all requests previously recorded
TNS - Transcript
CRT - Enrollment Verification
RECIPIENT NAME Name of person/party receiving the transcript/verification
STATE SENT State where the transcript/verification was sent
DATE PRODUCED Date the transcript/verification request was produced in ISIS
Indicates when the transcript/verification request was issued (CTRSTISU)
0 - Issue Immediately
2 - Produce Batch-End of Semester
3 - No academic record on ISIS system
4 - Do not issue-hold for problem resolution
Identifies enrollment level (CENROLEV)
UG - Undergraduate
GR - Graduate
LW - Law
MD - Medical
NC - Non-Credit

Function Keys

ENTER Invokes all changes, updates and prints.