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ARISTU - Advising Transcript Request


This screen is used to produce the on-line printing of an advising credit transcript.

Related Screens

  • ARISNU - Advising Non-Credit Transcript Request

Screen Functions

Request and print advising credit transcripts

  1. At ID, enter student's identification number
  2. At LEVEL, enter the education level for which the transcript is requested
  3. Press ENTER
  4. Press PF12 to print the advising transcript
Make sure that a PRINTER ID number is entered in this field. If not, contact your computer support person to identify the correct printer number. Once this number is identified, contact the security office within Administrative Information Services in order to get the screen updated with the correct printer number.

Additional Field Level Detail

ID Student's identification number
Identifies enrollment level (CENROLEV)
UG - Undergraduate
GR - Graduate
LW - Law
MD - Medical
NC - Non-Credit
NAME Student's name
Educational level record requested. (CENROLEV)
UG - Undergraduate
GR - Graduate
MD - Medical
LW - Law
MSG Displays a message if the student has a hold or is not on ISIS
PRINTER Printer number where transcript will be printed (ex: 1234)

Function Keys

ENTER Brings up requested record
PF12 Print transcript