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ARUES/ARIES - Student Major Controls


This screen is used by the college dean's office to update and maintain student data with regard to major preferences and college decisions in the Entrance to Major (ETM) process.

Related Screens

  • ARUEA - Freshman Academic Information Support
  • ARUPJ - Maintain Controlled Majors
  • ARUPY- Pre-Major Controls

Screen Functions

View a record

  1. At ACTN, enter S
  2. At ID, enter student identification number
  3. Press ENTER

Change a record (change a pool, update major preferences, correct errors)

  1. At ACTN, enter S
  2. At ID, enter student identification number
  3. Press ENTER
  4. At ACTN, enter C, make necessary changes
  5. Press ENTER

Additional Field Level Detail

Identifies the function to be performed
S - Skip
C - Change
ID Student identification number
POOL Spring semester identifying an ETM process cycle
NAME Student's name
OVR Indicator Y to force a student on to the decision list
CERT Fast path to page 2 for entering teacher certification request
MAJOR Current major (CDEPT)
SEM CLS Semester classification (CCLASYTM)
CAMP Current campus location (CLOCN or CCRSELOC)
ADMIT DATE Admission date
ADMIT TYPE Admission type
GPA Cumulative grade-point average
CUM CREDS Cumulative credits
TOTAL CREDS Total credits earned
STATUS Current enrollment status (CASTSSFI)
Identifies decision indicator (up to three major/option/location choices selected by a student for consideration)
A - Approved
D - Denied (for controlled majors)
F - Denied (failed ETM audit)
N - Non-participating major
E - Below 2.00 GPA
eLion - student action before and during (until a deadline) the pool semester
ARUEA - adviser action before the pool semester begins
ARUES - college action at any time
LAST UPDATED Date this screen was last updated
PREF POSTED Date preferences last updated by eLion, ARUEA, or ARUES
CONFIRMED Date ETM confirmation last updated by eLion or ARUES
APPR POSTED Date ETM decision was last updated by ETM procedure or ARUES
EARLY ENTRANCE Indicator Y if student has early entrance to a controlled major
CERTIFICATES Indicator YES - NO if student has applied for teacher certification
COMMENTS Text area for comments
Code indicating type of contact with the student
SA - contact student regarding the preference confirmation procedure in the ETM process
L1 - decision email (approved 1st choice)
L2 - decision email (non-participating major requested 1st choice)
L3 - decision email (approved 2nd or 3rd choice)
L4 - decision email (denied 1st choice, non-participating major requested 2nd choice
L5 - decision email (denied controlled major due to limit or denied due to failed ETM audit)
L6 - decision email (denied due to below 2.00 GPA)
L7 - decision email (approved 1st choice, location not changed)
L8 - decision email (approved 2nd or 3rd choice, location not changed)
L9 - decision email (approved 1st choice, no major or location update due to incomplete registration)
L0 - decision email (approved 2nd or 3rd choice, no major or location update due to incomplete registration)
CONTACT DATE Date contact with student occurred
NEXT ID Go to another record on this screen
NEXT POOL Used with NEXT ID field

Function Keys

ENTER Brings up record and updates record