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ARUGA - Approve Student Graduation Major


This screen is used to view students who are currently on the graduation list by degree/major. You are also able to view students who have previously graduated.

Related Screens

  • ARUGG/ARIGG - Graduate Graduation Information
  • ARUGU/ARIGU - Undergrad Graduation Information
  • ARUGI - Graduation Information (Registrar)

Screen Functions

View listing of students by degree/major

  1. ACTN, will default to S
  2. At SEM, enter semester (will default to current semester)
  3. At DEGREE, enter the degree code
  4. At MAJOR, enter the major code
  5. Press ENTER
START NAME field is optional, you may enter a student's last name if you wish to view a specific part of the list.

Print list of students

  1. At PRINTER ID, enter the printer number where list is to be printed
  2. Press PF11

Additional Field Level Detail

Identifies the function to be performed
S - Search for degree/major
SEM Semester code of graduation (ex: FAXXXX)
DEGREE Degree code to be viewed (CGRADDGS)
MAJOR Major to be viewed (CDEPT)
START NAME Student's last name
PRINT ID Printer where list will printed (ex: 1234)
COLLEGE Identifies college code for the major selected
Identifies of graduation status
Y - Approved
N - Not approved
NAME Student's name
ID Student's identification number
CAMPUS Campus location (CLOCN or CCRSELOC)
MAJOR OPT Primary option (CMAJROPT)
MINOR Primary minor (CMIFD)
Indentifies students in the Schreyers Honors College
H - Honors in the college
Blank - No honors
Indicates if student received degree after death
Y - Yes
Indentifies students who are Evan Pugh Scholars (CEVPUSCH)
EJ - Junior only
ES - Senior only
JS - Both Junior & Senior
Blank - Not a recipient

Function Keys

ENTER Brings up list
PF11 Print