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ARUSAS/ARISAS - Academic Summary Display


This screen displays semester and cumulative academic summary information for each semester a student was in attendance at the university. In addition, any X-code lines causing recalculation of GPA and credit information are displayed. This is only an inquiry screen.

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Screen Functions

View overall grade-point summary information

  1. At ID, enter student's identification number
  2. Press ENTER
If no LVL (level) is indicated the record will default to the last level the student was grade reported. If the student was never grade reported, the LVL will default to UG.

Additional Field Level Detail

ID Student's identification number
Identifies student's level of education (CENROLEV):
UG - Undergraduate
GR - Graduate
MD - Medical
LW - Law
NAME Student's name
SEX Gender
SEM Semester you wish to view (ex: FAXX)
CP Campus location (CLOCN or CCRSELOC)
SEM CL Semester classification (CCLASYTM)
SEM CR Number of credits attempted for the semester
SEM GRPT Number of grade-points earned for the semester
SEM GPA Semester grade-point average
CUM CR Cumulative credits attempted as of the end of the semester
CUM GRPT Cumulative grade-points earned as of the end of the semester
CUM GPA Cumulative grade-point average as of the end of the semester
TOT CR Total number of credits earned from all sources as of the end of the semester
SUM CD Summary code used to define a specific sequence of calculations used to generate the summary line display.

Function Keys

ENTER Brings up record