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ARUSEI - Student Enrollment Inquiry


This screen is for inquiry only. It displays both personal and academic information about the student. Information is available for the current semester, the most recent past semester, and a future semester.

Related Screens

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  • ARURD - Departmental Drop, Add or Section Change
  • ARURG - Registrar Drop, Add or Section Change
  • ARIRS - Student Course Status Inquiry
  • ARURR - Student Registration

Screen Functions

View student enrollment information

  1. At ID, enter student's identification number
  2. At SEM, enter the semester for which you wish to view
  3. Press ENTER

Additional Field Level Detail

1st AREA
ID Student's identification number
SEM Semester you wish to view (ex: FAXX)
Displays ROTC if student is in that program
2nd AREA Displays INTL if student is an International Student
3rd AREA
Displays the sport code following if the student is an athlete (CVARSSPR)
XXX - one sport
XXX+ - more than one sport
NAME Student's name
CAMP Campus location (CLOCN or CCRSELOC)
MAJOR Major in which student is currently enrolled (CDEPT)
DEGREE Degree being sought (CGRADDGS)
ADM SEM Semester the student was admitted to major shown in major field
SEM CLS Current semester standing (CCLASYTM)
Indicates if student filed intent to graduate:
Y- Yes
N - No
SEX Gender
DOB Date of Birth
DROP CR REM Number of late drop credits remaining
Identifies student's current local address:
ST1 - street one address (required if address given)
ST2 - street two address (not required)
CITY - city
STATE - state
ZIP - zip code
TELE - telephone number
COUNTRY - country
COUNTY - county
LOCAL PHONE Local phone number
COURSE Course abbreviation and number (ex: MATH 141)
SEC Section of the course (ex: 001)
LOC Location at which the course is being taught (CLOCN or CCRSELOC)
DEL How the course is being delivered (CMETHDEL)
CR Credit value of the course
DAYS Days of the week the course meets
BEGIN Time the class begins
END Time the class ends
ROOM Room where course meets
BLDG Building where course meets (CBLDGLOC)
Indicates if there are more courses to display:
Y - More courses to display
N - No more courses to display

Function Keys

ENTER Brings up record