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ARUSNT - Official Non-Credit Transcript


This screen is used to produce official non-credit transcripts on security paper.

Related Screens

  • ARISNL - Non-Credit Transcript Lookup
  • ARISTL - Transcript/Verification Lookup

Screen Functions

Request and produce official non-credit transcripts

  1. At ACTN, enter S
  2. At SSN or PSU ID, enter student's identification number
  3. Press ENTER
  4. At ACTN, enter A
  5. At RECIPIENT, enter the person/party's name and address where the transcript is being mailed
  6. At TELE, enter the phone number
  7. At DELIVERY METHOD, enter code indicating the delivery method
  8. At QNTY REQ, enter the number of transcripts requested
  9. At PAY TYPE, enter the code indicating the method of payment
  10. At AMNT PAID, enter the amount of money received
  11. REMARKS, enter any pertinent comments that may be needed
  12. At PRINTER ID, enter a transcript printer number
  13. Press ENTER

Update or make corrections to a previous request - Using screen ARISNL

  1. At SSN or PSU ID, enter the student's identification number or at DOC# enter the Parchment document # starting with WEBnnnn
  2. Press ENTER
  3. At SEL, mark the specific request you wish to view in detail
  4. Press ENTER
  5. Screen ARUSNT, will appear for the detailed information
  6. At ACTN, enter C
  7. Make necessary changes to the request
  8. Press ENTER, reprint of the transcript or a PDF of the transcript will be produced depending on the DELIVERY METHOD

Additional Field Level Detail

Identifies the function to be performed:
S - Search for student entered
A - Create/add a new transcript request
C - Change information on a previous request
D - Delete a request
SSN Student's identification number
PSU ID Penn State identification number
NAME Student's name
D O B Birth date
RECIPIENT Name of person/party receiving the transcript
TELE Phone number of requestor
HOLD Denotes a hold on the student's record
STREET 1 First line of address to which the transcript is to be mailed
STREET 2 Second line of address to which the transcript is to be mailed
STREET 3 Third line of address to which the transcript is to be mailed
CITY City to which the transcript is to be mailed
STATE State to which the transcript is to be mailed
ZIP Zip code to which the transcript is to be mailed
CTRY Country to which the transcript is to be mailed (CCTRY)
DATE RECEIVED Date request was entered
DATE PRODUCED Date transcript was produced
Indicates the method the transcript was delivered:
M - Mail
O - Overnight
E - Electronic PDF
QNTY REQ Number of transcripts to be produced
Indicates Code defining the method used to pay for transcript (CTYSTPYT):
1 - Credit Card
2 - Check
3 - Money Order
4 - No payment received
5 - Counter Payment
6 - Cash
AMNT PAID Amount of money received
AMNT DUE Amount of money due
EXPRESS TRACKING NUM Tracking Number for Federal Express
REQUESTOR EMAIL email of requestor
RECIPIENT EMAIL email of the person receiving the transcript
(required for delivery method E)
  • Pertinent comments concerning the request may be entered here.
  • "Original EOS set request" will be displayed if the request was an EOS non-credit transcript and at least one other level of EOS transcript.
  • If there is an attachment, the name of the attachment will display.
AVAIL REC: UG GR MD LW Indicates if credit academic record, non-ISIS or ISIS, exists
Indicates if the record is on the ISIS system
PRINTER ID Printer where transcripts will be printed (ex:1234)

Function Keys

ENTER Invokes all changes, updates and prints transcript