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ISIS Code System

The ISIS Codes System allows you to view code values and descriptions online within ISIS. No special security authorization is required; all ISIS users have access to view codes.

  1. Log on to ISIS and in the fast path area, type CODES and press Enter.
  2. At REQUESTED CODE SET, enter the code set name you would like to view.
  3. At REQUESTED ACTION, enter BROWSE or B and press Enter to view the code set online.
  4. The REQUESTED CODE VALUE field is optional. If you want the code set your are going to browse to start at a specific place in the alphabet, enter a letter. If not, let this field blank, press Enter to continue through the code set online.
  5. To print the code set, enter PRINT or P at REQUESTED ACTION, press Enter.
  6. To log out of the codes system, you must enter EXIT or E at REQUESTED ACTION and press Enter.
  • To view the values in a code set, you need to know the name of the code set.
  • Codes set names can be found in the ISIS Data Dictionary, Data Cross Reference in the AIDA user Manuals or online documentation.