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Operations Contacts

Office of the University Registrar
Phone: 814-865-6357
Fax: 814-863-1929

Karen Henninger
Senior Associate Registrar

Paula Hamaty
Associate Registrar

LaSha Hardy
Staff Assistant

Academic Records:

Barbara Barr
Assistant Registrar

Staff: Melissa Boettger, Ashlee Bowen, Carol DeArmitt, Jennifer Feeser, Katie Miller, Darlene Peletski, Sarah Ray, Destiney Treaster, and Trevor White

Areas of Responsibility: Changes to the student academic record (grades, names, Faculty Senate petitions, complete retroactive registrations), graduation checkout, diploma production, degree audit, change of campus, change of major, entrance to major, requests to withhold directory information (confidentiality)

Enrollment Services:

Tryphena Miska
Assistant Registrar

Staff: Lisa Chavira, Kristin Lodge, Kimberly McCaslin, Sue Miller, Christy Sherman, and Cortney Smith

Areas of Responsibility: Scheduling, registration, call for courses, classroom scheduling, event scheduling, front counter, incoming calls to main office line, incoming emails to, re-enrollment, academic renewal, final exam scheduling

Phone: 814-865-5600
Fax: 814-863-1929

Kaitlyn Roberts
Assistant Registrar

Staff: Felicia Bray, Becky Fultz, Tara Mattes, and Kyle Tresnan

Areas of Responsibility: Official transcripts and enrollment verifications, electronic official transcripts, National Student Clearinghouse

Who Should You Contact:

Area Responsibilities

Type of Request Contact Supporting Information
Academic Record Problems Academic Records Identify student and include description of the problem.
Building Codes (new) Enrollment Services  
Credit by Exam (Unsuccessful) Academic college Credit by Exam (Unsuccessful)
Grade Changes Academic Records Send completed Grade Change Authorization Form. May fax to 814-863-1929 in emergency situation but do not do both.
Graduation Issues Academic Records  
Name Changes Academic Records Completed Name Change form & 2 forms of identification with new name. Note: If student receives financial aid or loans, a copy of the Social Security card must be included.
Old Records Academic Records Identify student & confirm requested re-enrollment or reinstatement.
Re-enrollment Problems Enrollment Services Identify student and include description of the problem.
Registration Changes Enrollment Services  
Retroactive Registration Paula Hamaty Completed Retroactive Registration form, letter from student, & schedule.
Schedule Changes Enrollment Services  
Suspect Credentials (fraudulent diplomas & transcripts) Transcripts/Verifications Contact information for person questioning the document and the "student" if available
Transcripts (official & pre-ISIS advising) Transcripts/Verifications Identify student and nature of question.
Verifications Transcripts/Verifications Identify student and nature of question.
Degree Audit Academic Records