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Producing Degree Audit Reports on eISIS

Degree audit reports can be produced on an individual basis in college dean's offices, academic department offices, advising centers, campus offices, and other appropriate academic and administrative offices. Audit reports can be produced for a major/option, for a minor, and for entrance to major requirements. Blank audit reports can also be produced for individual majors.

The Office of the University Registrar is responsible for training college and department personnel in the proper use of the eISIS screens for online degree audit requests. Contact the Academic Records Department at 814-865-3051 for group or individual training sessions or to report any problems with the screens.

Table of Contents

Login to eISIS

ERISDN Overview

Request a Degree Audit Report for a Current Major/Minor

Request a Degree Audit Report for an Alternative Major/Minor

Last Revised: 8/10/07