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Official Transcripts

Select "Current Student" if you are currently or were recently enrolled and if your Penn State Access Account is still active.

Select "Former Student" if you were previously enrolled as a student.

Select "Institution/Corporation/Parent/Other" if you are ordering a transcript on behalf of the student. During the order process, you must upload a consent signed by the student which grants permission for us to release his or her transcript to you or your organization.

Important Note:

If you have a form or document that must be attached to your transcript, you must upload the document in the order process.

Visa, Mastercard and Discover are accepted when requesting transcripts from this site. The official transcript costs $10.00 per transcript set. A transcript set includes all levels of course work -- undergraduate, graduate, law, medical and noncredit (if one or more courses have been completed at any of these levels). All Transcripts within the set must be sent, to the same address, at the same time.

Browser Compatibility:

We recognize that our visitors have various operating systems and web browsers. While it is our goal to provide every visitor with the best possible experience when ordering a transcript, it is impossible to provide a web application that works identically, efficiently, and effectively with all browsers and settings. Therefore, our Parchment transcript ordering service is designed and tested to work best with the most current versions of the major desktop/laptop web browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Apple Safari). While you still can access the transcript ordering application using other browsers and versions, you may notice that certain functions and displays do not run the way they were intended. To review which browsers are supported for ordering a transcript, please visit the Parchment supported browsers overview. There, you also will find resources to identify which browser (and which version) you currently are using and to update your browser if necessary.