Final Exam Secured Computer Lab Rooms

Classes that do not meet the requirements to be placed in 107 Pollock are placed in designated overflow secured computer labs. All finals that are scheduled in these rooms must use eTesting and no other events may be scheduled during the final exam time period.

Listing of secured computer lab rooms used for eTesting final exams that are not scheduled in 107 Pollock Building.
Room Number Building Name Number of Computers
111 Boucke 80 PC
112 Boucke 48 PC
214 Boucke 82 PC
134 CEDAR 41 PC
202 Chambers 24 PC
1 Forest Resource Bldg. 30 PC
4 Huck Life Sciences 48 PC
6 Huck Life Sciences 24 PC
7 Huck Life Sciences 38 PC
211 Keller 65 PC
64 Willard 60 PC
71 Willard 32 PC