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End of Semester Transcripts

Spring 2018

Hold for Grades and Hold for Degree orders for Spring 2018 MUST be placed before the last day of the Spring 2018 semester. The deadline to place an End-of-Semester transcript order for Spring 2018 is 11:59pm on May 4, 2018 (the last day of finals week).

If you select Hold for Grades or Hold for Degree after May 4, your order will hold until the end of the Summer 2018 semester. If you place an order that holds for the summer semester, we are not able to change that order's processing time, cancel the order, or provide a refund. Please read this page carefully before ordering to ensure your transcript will hold for the correct semester. If you are still unsure, contact the Registrar's office before you place an order.

Orders placed before the 11:59pm deadline on May 4 will process on the following dates:

Hold for Grades

  • Undergraduate/Graduate, and Medical: May 16, 2018
  • Law: June 4, 2018

Hold for Degree

  • Undergraduate/Graduate, and Medical: May 23, 2018
  • Law: June 4, 2018

Understanding Transcript Processing Time and Impacts

Processing time choices when ordering a transcript.

In the "Order Details" section of the transcript ordering process, you will be asked to choose a Processing Time for your transcript. Former students and graduates from before Spring 2018 should always choose a Processing Time of "Now."

If you are a current student (enrolled for the Spring 2018 semester) or a Spring 2018 graduate and choose a processing time of "Now," your transcript will process as-is. This means that it is possible to order your transcript too early, and your transcript could be sent with some important information missing. Your Spring 2018 grades, Dean's List notation, and degree conferral message take time to add to the transcript after the end of the semester. We cannot provide a refund or a replacement transcript for an order that is placed before transcripts are finalized. Even if you have walked in the graduation ceremony, your degree conferral message may not yet be posted on your transcript.

If you are a current student or recent graduate, you can review the information that will appear on your transcript before you place your order. Before you choose "Now," you should check your unofficial transcript on LionPATH and confirm that it contains the information you wish to send. If your recipient needs to see that you've graduated, don't place an order for "Now" until you see your degree awarded on your unofficial transcript; if your recipient needs to see that you've made the Dean's List, don't place an order for "Now" until you see "Term Honor: Dean's List" under the Spring 2018 semester. If you see the information you need on your unofficial transcript, you can choose "Now" when you order your official transcript.

You can also choose processing times of "Hold for Grades" and "Hold for Degree." It is important to note that these options are not specific to your transcript. For example, Hold for Grades does not hold for your grades to post to your transcript. Your transcript order will hold for a later date - after the University completes its final grade reporting for the end of the semester.

Hold for Grades ensures that your transcript will not release until final grade reporting - including notations for awards such as dean's list - has completed. Hold for Degree ensures that your transcript will not release until the Office of the University Registrar processes all graduation information (including messages about honors and distinction). Please refer to the dates above for information about the deadline to place a Hold for Grades and Hold for Degree order for Spring 2018 and for information about when your transcript will released.


I missed the deadline to Hold for Degree, but I need my transcript to say that I graduated. What can I do?

Missing the deadline does not mean that you will not be able to receive your final transcript. It only means that you have missed the window to place an order ahead of time. You'll just need to wait before you place your order.

If you miss the Hold for Degree or Hold for Grades cutoff for Spring 2018, you should wait to place your order until the information you need is on your transcript. Log into LionPATH to view your unofficial transcript. If your degree has been awarded, you will see a section near the top of your transcript with the heading "Degrees Awarded." If your degree is there, it will also be on your official transcript. You can place an order for your official transcript and choose for it to be processed Now. You can also view your unofficial transcript to see whether your grades have been posted. If you believe that you have qualified for Dean's List and do not see that it has been awarded, wait until closer to the May 16 Hold for Grades processing date to check again.

If I need my final transcript, what can I do between May 4th and May 23rd?

May 4 is the last day of the Spring 2018 semester, and it is the last day to place a Hold for Grades or Degree for Spring 2018. Our system can only hold for the current semester, and once the calendar says Spring 2018 is over, all Hold for Grades/Hold for Degree transcript orders will hold for Summer 2018. May 23 is the date that Hold for Degree transcript orders (with Spring 2018 degree conferrals) will be sent. The gap between these two dates can be a confusing time to place a transcript order.

The simple answer is that you will want to wait to place your order. If you place an order to process Now during this time, your transcript will not show that your degree was awarded; if you place an order to Hold for Degree, your transcript will not send until after Summer degrees are conferred.

For example, if you walked in an undergraduate graduation ceremony on May 5, and now it's May 15, your degree has not yet been added to your transcript. You won't want to place an order to process Now-it won't say your degree was awarded. You also won't want to Hold for Degree-it will hold much longer than you need it to. You'll want to wait until May 23, and then you can place an order and choose "Now" as the processing time. You can use LionPATH at any time to view your unofficial transcript and confirm your degree has been awarded before you place an order for your official transcript.

I picked Hold for Grades when I ordered my transcript, and I can see all of my grades on LionPATH. Why hasn't my transcript been sent yet?

If you place a Hold for Grades order before the deadline, your transcript will send on May 16. Your grades may be available before then, but this will not change the processing date on your transcript order.

Your grades will post to your transcript as soon as your instructors enter them on LionPATH. It is possible that your grades will all be available before the "Hold for Grades" processing date of May 16. Choosing "Hold for Grades" allows enough time for all grade reporting and ensures that Dean's List-if you qualify-will not be missing from your transcript. If you don't want to wait until May 16, and you see your grades on LionPATH, you can order your official transcript with a Processing Time of "Now," but be aware that Dean's List may not appear on your transcript.

I'm graduating with a Ph.D. What option should I choose when I order my transcript?

Ph.D. graduates receive their diplomas at the graduation ceremony. Your transcript should reflect that your Ph.D. has been awarded after the ceremony. You can place an order with a Processing Time of "Now" after the graduation ceremony has ended. We still recommend that you confirm that your degree was awarded by checking your unofficial transcript before you order.