End-of-Semester Transcripts

Fall 2019

Please read this page carefully before ordering an official transcript. If you have questions, contact the Registrar's office before you place an order.

Hold for Grades and Hold for Degree orders for Fall 2019 must be placed before the end of the last day of the Fall 2019 semester. The deadline to place an End-of-Semester transcript order for Fall 2019 is 11:59 p.m. on December 20, 2019.

The Hold for Grades option will hold your transcript until final grade reporting has completed. This will also ensure that your transcript will include the award notation for Dean's List--if you qualify. Your transcript will not send automatically after all your grades are submitted. It will be sent on the date below.

Hold for Degree will hold your transcript until final graduation processing for Fall 2019 has completed. As long as you meet the requirements to graduate, your transcript will show that your degree has been awarded.

Orders placed before the 11:59 p.m. deadline on December 20 will send on the following dates:

  • Hold for Grades: January 7, 2020
  • Hold for Degree: January 13, 2020
  • LAW Grades and Degrees: January 17, 2020

Even if you walk in graduation, your transcript will not show that your degree has been awarded until January 13.

Understanding Transcript Processing Time and Impacts

Processing time choices when ordering a transcript.

In the "Order Details" section of the transcript ordering process, you will be asked to choose a Processing Time for your transcript. Former students and graduates from before Fall 2019 should always choose "Now."

If you are a current student (enrolled for the Fall 2019 semester) or a Fall 2019 graduate and choose "Now," your transcript will process as-is. This means that it is possible to order your transcript too early, and your transcript could be sent with important information missing. Your Fall 2019 grades, Dean's List notation, and degree conferral message take time to add to the transcript after the end of the semester. If you place your order before your Fall grades or degrees are on your transcript, you will need to place a new order after grades and degrees are finalized. We cannot provide a refund or a replacement transcript for an order that is placed before transcripts are finalized. Even if you have walked across the stage at a commencement ceremony, you must wait until January 13th before your transcript shows that you earned your degree.

If you are a current student or recent graduate, you can review your transcript before you place your order. If your degree has been awarded, you will see a section with the heading "Degrees Awarded" near the top of your transcript. If your degree is there, it will also be on your official transcript. If you believe that you have qualified for Dean's List and do not see that it has been awarded, wait until closer to the January 7th Hold for Grades processing date to check again.

Once you see everything you need on your unofficial transcript, you can choose "Now" as the processing time for your official transcript order.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my transcript say I graduated?

If you graduated in Fall 2019, your degree will show as "Awarded" on your transcript on January 13. Either order your transcript (Processing Time: Now) after this date or Hold for Degree before the December 20 deadline.

**If you graduated with a Ph.D., your transcript will reflect your graduation on December 20.

I missed the deadline to Hold for Degree, but I need my transcript to say that I graduated. What can I do?

Just wait until January 13th. Missing the deadline only means that you have missed the window to place an order ahead of time. Place an order and select "Now" as your processing time after January 13th.

It's a good idea to check your unofficial transcript before you order to make sure it has everything you're expecting. Log into LionPATH to view your unofficial transcript.

I picked Hold for Grades when I ordered my transcript, and I can see all my grades on LionPATH. Why hasn't my transcript been sent yet?

It is possible that your grades will all be available before the "Hold for Grades" processing date of January 7th. Choosing "Hold for Grades" allows enough time for all grade reporting and ensures that Dean's List (if you qualify) will not be missing from your transcript. If you don't want to wait until January 7th, and you see your grades on LionPATH, you can choose "Now" when you order your official transcript, but Dean's List will not appear for the Fall 2019 semester.