Registration Drop/Add Form

Please fill out this online form, print, sign, and follow the submission instructions below.

Please fill out this online form, print, sign, and follow the submission instructions below.

Important Information: Beginning Fall 2023, enrolling in more than 19 credits per term will result in a tuition surcharge. Please visit for more information. By submitting this form, you acknowledge the surcharge if your enrollment is over 19 credits.

Note: Students requesting to drop courses due to military service obligations should submit the Military Registration Drop form.


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Please review your entries on this form. If all information is entered correctly, please print, sign, and follow the submission instructions below.

Submission Instructions

  • Students should consult with their academic adviser before making any course changes.
  • Dates for the regular course drop and add periods can be found on the Academic Calendar located on the Registrar's home page.
  • Late course adds and late course registration are those processed after the regular add period end for the semester. The late course drop period starts after the drop period ends and continues to the published late drop deadline. These time frames are proportional for other than fifteen-week calendars.
  • Section changes can be done through the end of the twelfth week of classes at the Registrar's office.
  • Students are expected to register before classes begin. Registering late will incur additional fees.
  • Starting with the first day of the semester, the tuition bill must be paid before any course add can be processed.
  • Students dropping below full-time or their originally scheduled credit level may be assessed a tuition penalty.

Student Signature

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Signature: _______________________________________ Date: __________________________

To add a course that is departmentally controlled: Take this form to the department offering the course for processing.

Department Approval: _________________________________________________

Date: ____________________________

Department Approval: _______________________________________ Date: __________________________

To late register, add a course that is full or to add a course after the add period ends: Take this form to either the department offering the course or to the Registrar's Office for processing.

Course Instructor Approval: _________________________________________________

Date: ____________________________

Course Instructor Approval: _______________________________________ Date: __________________________

If late adding more than one course, have instructors sign beside appropriate courses on the form.

Last Revised: 11/10/17