Scheduling classes, classrooms, and final exams is a continuous, cyclical process whose successful completion each semester is only made possible through the strong partnership between the Office of the University Registrar Scheduling and Curriculum department and schedulers across the University.

Important Dates

Important dates and deadlines related to class, classroom, and final exam scheduling
Event SP 2023 SU 2023 FA 2023
Class Roll 4/11/2022 7/11/2022 9/6/2022
Close LionPATH 6/17/2022 9/9/2022 11/4/2022
Optimizer 6/22/2022 9/14/2022 11/9/2022
Open LionPATH 7/27/2022 9/19/2022 12/14/2022
Publish Schedule of Classes 9/6/2022 11/14/2022 2/1/2023
First Day of Classes 1/9/2023 6WK1 - 5/15/2023
6WK2 - 6/28/2023
Final Exam Request Deadline 1/13/2023 6WK1 - 5/17/2023
6WK2/REG - 6/30/2023
Final Exam Publication 2/13/2023 6WK1 - 6/5/2023
6WK2/REG - 7/16/2023
Conflict Final Exam Publication 3/20/2023 N/A 10/30/2023


General Inquiry Email:
Department Phone: 814-863-3677

Course Controls:
Course Controls/Reserve Capacities: Kim McCaslin
Event Scheduling/CollegeNET/Evening Exams: Kim Jeffreys
Course Catalog: Kristin Lodge

Tryphena Miska
Associate Registrar for Curriculum, Class Scheduling, and Academic Records

Cortney Gruneberg
Assistant Registrar of Curriculum and Scheduling


  • Scheduling Forms: find all forms related to scheduling, including the course control, course offering, evening exam, event room, and one-semester-titles request forms
  • LionPATH Curriculum Training: sign up for training on class, classroom, and final exam scheduling
  • Campus Maps: interactive online maps for all Penn State campuses