Classroom Scheduling

Once class offerings are built during the class scheduling process, classroom assignments can be made. The Office of the University Registrar manages all class assignments in General Purpose Classrooms using the 25Live Optimizer.

Instructional Facilities Overview

The University includes several types of instructional facilities to meet the varying needs of different classes. Some General Purpose Classrooms are equipped with different technological tools to assist with instructing. Laboratory rooms include special features and equipment and can only be scheduled by the specific departments.

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LionSpaceFIS is the new University tool that provides one classroom image per room.

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University Park Partitions

Partitions are sections of campus buildings that are used by the Office of the University Registrar to schedule classrooms during the Optimizer process. Each subject is able to pick one primary partition and multiple secondary partitions as suggestions for the Optimizer run, at which time the system will try to find a room for those subjects. Partition selection for each subject stays in place until a change is requested by the department or college.

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Step-by-Step Instruction Guides

The Scheduling and Curriculum department have created instruction guides, complete with screenshots, to walk college schedulers through the classroom scheduling process. Below is a list of all guides that are currently available.