IMPORTANT DEADLINE INFORMATION: The student should submit the completed application as early as possible, and no later than two weeks prior to the start of classes in which the student wants to enroll. Some units may require longer lead times. Students should check with their enrollment unit/campus to make sure they can meet all requirements. Exceptions after this deadline are at the discretion of the unit of enrollment. The deadline to submit a non-degree application is 5:00 pm on the Friday before the first day of classes of that semester.

Re-enrollment allows a former degree candidate (policy 58-00) to resume a degree program. Re-enrollment is appropriate if you:

  • Withdrew from the University
  • Interrupted continuous degree enrollment during fall/spring semester
  • Were dismissed or suspended for nonacademic reasons
  • Invalidated a leave of absence
  • Plan to return for a second associate or baccalaureate degree
  • Plan to return for graduation
  • Voluntarily changed your enrollment status to nondegree

Students who left in good standing and who are re-enrolling in their previous major (providing the major is not controlled) will be approved to re-enroll. Every re-enrollment request will be reviewed and a decision letter will be sent to the student.

Process to Re-enroll:

  1. Complete the appropriate Undergraduate Re-enrollment Form.
  2. If you are planning to graduate during the current semester you must contact your college dean's office at least one month before the end of classes to be certain you have fulfilled all requirements and to be added to the graduation list.
  3. The campus Registrar will notify you of the decision regarding your request.

Re-enrollment Exception for Adult Learners

An adult learner who wants to return to the University after a period of non-enrollment must complete the Returning Adult Learner Form if all of the following criteria apply:

  • the period of non-enrollment has been less than three years,
  • the student is seeking entrance to a major in which they were previously enrolled, and
  • the requested major is authorized to be eligible for this exception.

The adult learner who does not meet the above criteria must apply for re-enrollment.