Fall 2023 Instruction Modes

February 10, 2023

Beginning Fall 2023 we will have some new instruction modes available for classes. Here is the formal announcement and you can find the updated modes and definitions on our website. Our website also has a flow chart and overview of the modes. All of these modes are in LionPATH on the Basic Data tab and you can begin using them for your Fall 2023 classes now.

If you offer any classes with the instruction mode of web (WB), it will need changed to the new mode of remote asynchronous (RA) beginning with the Fall 2023 semester. Please go in and change those classes now.

The hybrid designations (H2, H5, and H7) should only be used if your class has a need for the student to be on campus for classes or exams.

If your class is going to be completely online for all classes and exams, you should be using one of the remote options (RA, RS, or RB).

The remote blended (RB) mode should only be used if more than 50% of your class will be taught asynchronously.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you,