Dickinson Law Bulletin Update Policies and Procedures

The Dickinson Law Bulletin contains an array of academic program information. In order to determine the correct procedure to follow to request a change to the Bulletin, please review the types of changes listed below. Failure to follow the correct procedure could result in a delayed response to your request.

Please Note: A new Bulletin edition for the upcoming academic year will be published online on the first Monday of Maymester every year. The previous year's edition also will be archived at that time. All change request procedures must be completed by April 1 in order to be included in the new edition of the Bulletin on its publication date.

How to Request Changes to the Dickinson Law Bulletin

Curricular Change

Description: Includes all items that are required to be approved by the Dickinson Law faculty such as courses, programs, or official descriptions of these items. This does not include changes that are strictly editorial in nature (punctuation, misspelled words, etc.)

On program pages, this includes the following items under the Academic Programs heading in the Bulletin:

  • Juris Doctor (J.D.)
  • Master of Laws (LL.M.)
  • Joint Degrees

This also includes course description information found in the University Course Description area of the Bulletin.

Procedure: All changes are approved and requested by the Dickinson Law Office of Academic Affairs.

Editorial Change to Curricular Items

Description: Includes changes to program descriptions, requirements, and course information that are strictly editorial in nature, e.g., punctuation, spacing, misspellings, etc.

Procedure: All changes are approved and requested by the Dickinson Law Office of Academic Affairs.

Non-Curricular Information

Description: These are items that are not a part of the curricular review process. This includes typos within editable items, urgent editorial details not associated with curricular items, as well as information under the following headings:

  • About Dickinson Law
  • Academic Calendar
  • Financial Aid
  • Resources

Procedure: All changes are approved and requested in cooperation between the Marketing and Communications Office and the Office of Academic Affairs at Dickinson Law.

Changes to Images

Description: Includes images at the top of program pages.

Procedure: Images will be updated annually in the spring. Please send image suggestions to the Director of Marketing and Communications at Dickinson Law by April 1.