Undergraduate Bulletin Update Policies and Procedures

The Undergraduate Bulletin contains an array of academic program information that is managed by several different University offices. In order to determine the correct procedure to follow to request a change to the Bulletin, please review the types of changes listed below. Failure to follow the correct procedure could result in a delayed response to your request.

Please Note: A new Bulletin edition for the upcoming academic year will be published online on the first Monday of Maymester every year. The previous year's edition also will be archived at that time. All change request procedures must be completed by April 1 in order to be included in the new edition of the Bulletin on its publication date.

How to Request Changes to the Undergraduate Bulletin

Curricular Change

Description: Includes all items that are required to be approved by the University Faculty Senate such as courses, programs, or official descriptions of these items. This does not include changes that are strictly editorial in nature (punctuation, misspelled words, etc.)

On program pages, this includes items under the following headings in the Bulletin:

  • Program Description
  • How to Get In
  • Program Requirements
  • Integrated Undergrad/Grad Program

This also includes course description information found in the University Course Description area of the Bulletin.

Procedure: Follow University Faculty Senate policy for changes. These changes require following the official curricular approval process (currently found in the Curriculum Review and Consultation System, CRCS, at https://curriculum.psu.edu)

If you are uncertain if the change requires Senate approval, please contact the University Faculty Senate office at 814-863-0221.

Editorial Change to Curricular Items

Description: Includes changes to program descriptions, requirements, and course information that are strictly editorial in nature, e.g., punctuation, spacing, misspellings, etc.

Procedure: Contact the University Faculty Senate office at 814-863-0221 for corrections.

Non-Curricular College or Program Page Information Including Images

Description: These are items that are not a part of the curricular review process. This includes the following:

  • On Program Pages:
    • "What Is"...[Program Name] statement
    • "You Might Like This Program If..." statement
    • Academic Advising contact
    • Suggested Academic Plan
    • Career Paths
    • Program Contact information
    • Image
  • All content and image on College description page
  • Interest tags in program filter

Procedure: These items will be updated annually in the spring as follows:

  • Colleges will be notified of the open edit period on or about March 1.
  • Colleges should notify schools, departments, and other units within the college of the timeline.
  • All programs delivered at multiple campuses should consult with one another to reach a consensus on language or images.
  • All changes must be approved and submitted by the Associate Dean from the College (or the designated representative for the Associate Dean).
  • All updates are due to bulletins@psu.edu by 5:00 pm on the first Monday of April.
  • Submissions from sources other than the Associate Dean (or the designated representative for the Associate Dean) will not be accepted.

Please Note: Changes to the Academic Advising and Program/College contact information will be accepted year-round. See below: "Minor Editorial Changes to Non-Curricular Items."

Minor Editorial Changes to Non-Curricular Items

Description: Includes changes in advising and/or contact name or information, change of Dean, typos within editable items, urgent editorial details not associated with curricular items.

Procedure: All changes should be submitted to bulletins@psu.edu to be reviewed for timely action.

Conversion Error

Description: Includes any item that was transferred to the new Bulletin incorrectly from the old Bulletin.

Procedure: All changes should be submitted to bulletins@psu.edu to be reviewed for timely action.

Change to Beginning and Ending Campus for a Program

Description: Includes Begin and End Campus information displayed in "At which campus can I study this program?" box.


  • To add or delete a beginning or ending campus for a program, please contact the Office of the Vice President for Commonwealth Campuses at 814-863-0327.
  • To correct bulletin errors regarding beginning and ending campus, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Education at 814-863-1864.

Learning or Student Outcomes

Description: Includes Program Learning Objectives and Student Outcomes displayed on program pages. This information is sourced each fall directly from the program submissions to the Office of Planning, Assessment, and Institutional Research (OPAIR).

Procedure: Complete the process required through the Office of Planning, Assessment, and Institutional Research (OPAIR).