Adding Room Characteristics to a Class

Please note that General Purpose Classrooms are assigned in 25Live and are never to be individually assigned in LionPATH.

LionPATH Navigation:

  1. Curriculum Management
  2. Schedule of Classes
  3. Maintain Schedule of Classes

one Step 1

Enter the appropriate information into the Search Criteria fields. Then click Search.

two Step 2

Click the Meetings tab (upper left).

Screenshot of the Meetings tab on the Maintain Schedule of Classes screen in LionPATH

three Step 3

Under the Room Characteristics field, clicking on the magnifying glass allows you to select from a list of established room characteristics in 25Live.

Screenshot of the Room Characteristics section in LionPATH

four Step 4

Select the room characteristic that needs to be assigned to the section.

Screenshot of the Room Characteristics search results in LionPATH

five Step 5

Click on the plus sign to add another row in order to add more characteristics. List no more than 3-4 room characteristics.

six Step 6

Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

When adding several characteristics to a class, note that the optimizer will attempt to identify a room that includes ALL characteristics that are listed. If it is unable to do so a room will not be assigned.