Classroom Assignments

The Office of The University Registrar schedules general purpose classrooms. Any academic course may be scheduled in a general purpose classroom, with specific scheduling requirements governed by best matching the room size with the class size. Decisions regarding placement of instructional or non-instructional events into general purpose classrooms rest with the Office of the University Registrar.

Before the Optimizer Runs:

After the Optimizer Runs:

  • Look at your classes in both 25Live and LionPATH to make sure you are seeing the same room in both. Whatever room you see in 25Live is the room that is assigned.
  • To do this, use the PE_SR_CLASS_TERM_SUBJECT query in LionPATH and then look up your classes in 25Live by using your event search.

This will bring up all your classes in 25Live and you will be able to see the Facility ID that has been assigned to your class in the Locations column.

  • 25Live is unable to push blank value back into the room field in LionPATH. If a department room is double booked, it is most likely sitting in 25Live without a room, but will still show a room assigned in LionPATH. These will need to be adjusted.
  • If you did double book a department room, the Optimizer will try to find a GPC for one of those classes.
  • At this time, you can add new, cancel, or make edits to classes in the semester that already went through the Optimizer. Remember that when you make a change in LionPATH, that it will take five minutes for that change to happen in 25Live. Wait for that change to happen before you look for a new room.
  • Room changes should only be made in 25Live.
  • Remember when searching only use your GPC searches.
  • When making room changes click the "Send Vcal Counter Reply" button after you save. This is what sends your room information back to LionPATH.