How to Change an Existing Class

LionPATH Navigation:

  1. Curriculum Management
  2. Schedule of Classes
  3. Maintain Schedule of Classes

Maintain Schedule of Classes includes any courses that are already scheduled or rolled over from a previous semester.

one Step 1

Add appropriate search criteria and click search:

Screenshot of the Maintain Schedule of Classes screen in LionPATH.
  • Term: Place semester
  • Subject Area: Subject code (ex. PHYS)
  • Catalog Number: Class number
  • Campus: Campus class is being taught at (ex. UP)

two Step 2

All sections that either rolled or had been scheduled will appear, you may make edits to these sections.

Screenshot of the screen that shows available class sections in LionPATH.

Additional Items

  • If you had a Dynamic dated class roll from the previous semester these dates will need to be changed every semester
  • Do not remove rows or delete sections after the publication of the schedule of classes, these sections must be canceled.
  • Do not remove or add attributes without the permission of the Office of the Faculty Senate or Office of the University Registrar.